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Benefits of Installing Glass in Shopfront

For businesses that want to project a modern, welcoming and engaging atmosphere nothing beats glass. A staple of the modern high-street there are numerous benefits to installing glass in your shopfront and not just because it is nice to look at.

A glass store front is not for every business, in certain industries it is simply not appropriate, giving off the wrong image.  But for those businesses interested in a stylish “of the time” look, glass is highly worth considering.



What are the benefits of glass shopfronts and entry doors?


Appealing, inviting

Glass is often far more pleasing to the eye than regular brick and mortar. Glass encourages people to look inside, consider the possibilities and start engaging with your business, that can be harder without glass.

With a glass storefront there is less of a barrier to people making the decision to enter your store.  They can quickly scan inside and understand almost instantly what you are about and what you have to offer them.  This quicker time-frame reduces any doubt or negativity from occurring and causing the person to walk on by.


More promotional space

A key benefit of glass for your storefront is the ability to advertise more.  There’s more to be seen, more to entice and engage people, moreover it can all be seen round-the-clock, 24 hours a day.


More security

I can be strange to consider glass as more secure for your business, but there are a number of ways this makes sense.  Firstly glass makes the store visible to all passers-by, this means a thief can be spotted more easily.  Secondly glass can be extremely tough, even bulletproof if desired.  Modern storefront glass is designed to resist knocks and smashes, and were a break to happen there is usually better protection for staff and customers.


More economical

With glass on your storefront you can take advantage of natural light from the sun, and avoid the need to keep internal lights running all the time; there will also be a contribution of heat too.


Glass is versatile

Glass storefronts can be designed and configured in a number of ways, for a variety of budgets.  With glass it is also possible to add highly stylish vestibules, customize the look easily with tinting, frosting, glass vinyls, either on the whole front, part of the front or the entry door.


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