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Door closers are essential to function of your commercial glass doors.  These components often hold a significant amount of weight and are put under a lot of strain; crucially they need to be installed and serviced properly to ensure their safe and effective use.

If you’re having problems with your door closer, don’t risk voiding the warranty or damaging any of the components.  These repairs should always be completed by trained glass professionals; they will have the experience to safely deal with a variety of issues:

  • Misaligned doors
  • Difficulty locking
  • Broken seals
  • Insufficient lubricant


Could you have the wrong type of door closer?

If your door was improperly installed then it may need a different type of closer – or readjustment of the existing closer.  Door closers need to be very strong and appropriate for the door they are opening and closing.  The wrong type of closer can mean extra strain and a reduced lifespan for your door equipment.  It can also mean potential damage to your doorframe.


Is your door opening or closing too fast?

You could have low lubrication.  It can be risky to try to top up the oil if you are a non-professional.  If you think this may be an issue, call a door closer expert.


Don’t wait to have your door closer repaired!  Problems closing or aligning your door are a security risk.  Eastern Glass fixes all types of glass door closers:

  • Top jamb, regular arm, parallel arm, floor spring etc..

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