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Frameless Shower Doors

Looking for the style and elegance of a frame-less glass shower?

If you want to create the appearance of more space, more light or even a spa inspired look in your bathroom then going frame-less could be for you.

Frame-less shower doors and enclosures complement almost any bathroom design, especially those of a modern style. They’re one of our most requested styles, and it’s clear to see why.  These ultra-sleek, durable glass panes offer numerous choices for customization; from semi-frame-less to full frame-less it can fit your budget and preference of style

Whatever you’re looking for, size shape etc.. Eastern Glass can help you to design, configure and install the perfect enclosure, just for you.

Haven CT

Frame-less Shower Door in New Haven CT

Semi Frameless Door in Milford CT

Get the exact size you need

Eastern Glass and Shower Door can precision cut your frame-less glass door or enclosure to your exact required size.  We measure, plan and discuss with you all the exact details, finishes and supporting hardware to ensure there are no surprises.

Got an idea already?

Do you already know what your perfect shower configuration might look like?  Perfect! Talk to us and we’ll let you know what’s possible.

Not sure? We can help.

If you don’t know what the best set up is for your bathroom we can create a personalized plan and offer you our recommendations to best utilize the space.  Eastern Glass has designed and installed dozens of frame-less shower doors and glass enclosures.  We’ll help you to plan the best configuration:

Choose the right type of glass:

3/8″ glass – more economical but less choice for customizing.

1/2″ glass – more premium with improved structural integrity.

Questions about Frame-less Shower Doors

Do frame-less doors have hinges?

Yes, hinges are required to support the weight of a frame-less glass panel.  These can be configured in the top and bottom corners, or at the sides depending on preference.

How is the door supported

Sufficient support can be achieved through just two metal clips at the sides – in most cases.  Another option is to use metal rails/headings – in more of a semi-frame-less style.

Do frame-less shower doors leak?

There are small gaps at the hinges and sides which concern some customers, however with proper installation the door can remain watertight.

How long does installation take?

Your new frame-less shower door can be installed within a couple of hours depending on it’s complexity

Can I install a frameless shower door myself?

This is not recommended as they are extremely heavy and requires specialist equipment and experience to install safely.

Can you replace a framed shower door with frame-less?

Yes of course!

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