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Glass Protection Shields – Good Investment for Long Term?

Coronavirus has turned our worlds, businesses and home lives upside down.  The way we shop, interact and go about our daily lives is going to change for some time.  Estimates about just how long that might be vary from several months to a year and even longer; in-fact Harvard scientists suggested this month that some form of social distancing measures may need to stay in place until 2022.

How we go about protecting ourselves in this time is something everyone must consider.  Getting hold of enough masks for more than a year of social distancing might seem like an impossible task.  Rather an investment that shops, offices and customer-facing businesses can make is to install protective glass shields.

Better comfort for all

Glass protective shields offer comfort for your workers and customers.  The need for a mask may be lessened or reduced entirely, this limits any urge to adjust the mask and risk touching the face unnecessarily etc.  Though we might get a little used to the sight, masks can still be a little impersonal.  When you want to provide a friendly, welcome greeting to customers, it’s a whole lot easier to do when they can actually see your whole face.

No particular short supply

Unlike masks, glass is in no particular short supply – a lot of businesses have turned their attention to these shields, but it’s not quite the same as the whole population, and indeed the world trying to get hold of them. Glass shops such as Eastern Glass in Milford can relatively quickly custom these shield for any business.

A one time investment

Protective glass shields are a one time investment.  Many masks are single-use and as they get contaminants on the outside become a risk to the wearer.  Glass shields however can be easily disinfected and wiped down again and again.   Once installed you can relax just a little bit more, with the knowledge that you or your staff are protected.