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What Causes Hard Water Stains on Windows

Hard Water stain

After investing a lot of time and money into new glass windows or a glass shower, the last thing you want is for them to get stained and lose their upscale appeal. Hard water can be really tough on your windows, leaving unsightly stains on it. Hard water problems are particularly common in large cities or industrialized areas.

How are hard water stains formed?

Hard water is simply water with high mineral content. It is formed when water percolates through chalk and limestone deposits. Magnesium and calcium carbonates are the minerals responsible for making the water hard. When hard water evaporates from glass surfaces, it leaves behind these mineral deposits, making the glass look dirty, hazy, and unsightly.

In the case of shower glass, the mineral deposit can attract soap and shampoo molecules, and create soap scum, leaving the glass look even dirtier. Thankfully, a little care can go a long way in preventing hard water stains on glass. Before we share some simple tips, we will help you understand how hard water stains make their way to the glass surfaces in your home.

What causes hard water stains on glass surfaces in your home?

  • Water spills: When water spills or splashes on the glass surfaces such as shower doors or bathroom windows and is left to dry by itself, it can leave behind stains.
  • Leaky gutters:  Water or snow can mix with chemicals and minerals on the roof, and then streak down your siding, glass windows, and doors.
  • Sprinklers: Spray from sprinklers can cause hard water stains on outdoor glass.

How to prevent hard water stains?

Now we come to the most important question. What can you do to prevent these unsightly stains that make your glass look old and dirty?

If the water in your area is hard, try getting a water softening system for filtering and treating water. This will reduce the problem to a great extent.

Apart from this, the simplest thing you can do to prevent hard water stains on your glass doors and windows is to clean them on a daily basis. This is particularly important for your shower door. Use a squeegee after every shower to wipe down the glass and prevent the stains from forming. You can also wipe the shower door and walls with a microfiber cloth. If you clean the glass on a regular basis, you will find it is easier to remove new hard water stains compared to the old ones.

We also suggest that you exercise caution when watering your garden and try not to spray water on the windows. Position your sprinklers in a way that they don’t hit windows.

Remember, when glass develops hard water stains, it is almost impossible to clean them entirely and make the glass look new. It may be possible to eliminate the residue, however, minerals can cause etching and damage the glass. So, prevention is the key when it comes to protecting your glass from hard water.

If your glass doors or windows have already developed hard water stains and you can see residue built up, try to remove them without using any harsh chemicals as it can cause more damage. A 50-50 solution of water and vinegar should work should fine. Just let it sit on the glass for sometime and rinse it thoroughly.

It’s easier, cheaper, and better to prevent hard water stains from forming in the first place. Any attempts to remove them later or to replace the glass can prove difficult and costlier. If nothing works and your windows look stained and unsightly, get in touch with our team for new window installation services.