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Is a Sliding Shower Door Right for You?

Are you undecided on which type of shower door to choose?

Sliding shower doors are one of the most popular choices when homeowners choose to renovate their bathrooms.  They’re stylish, come in a wide range of styles and are widely available, but is one right for your home?


1. You have a smaller bathroom

If your bathroom is on the smaller size then you may benefit from this type of door compared to others.  Sliding doors can be the best way to make efficient use of your bathroom space; they can also prevent annoying conflicts where outward opening doors knock into toilets, sinks and other objects.  You won’t have trouble getting around a sliding shower door since it slides conveniently behind it’s other panel.


2. Possible limited entry space

Not a problem for everyone but coupled with their space-saving benefits, sliding doors sometimes have restricted openings. If you like to have a wide opening, or someone in your family has special needs then this may be something you want to consider.  Of course it should be said that sliding doors can be customized, like most other glass shower doors, so the size can be what you make it.


3. Sliding doors can be frameless

If you’ve got your heart set on a frameless look, you can achieve it with a sliding door.  A frameless sliding door gives your shower a premium spa feel.  This style can really open up your bathroom, allowing more light in and making the space seem larger than it is.  Sliding doors can also be semi-frameless depending on your budget and requirements.


4. Work well in any style

If you’re concerned that a sliding door might not work with you style of your bathroom, you need not be worried.  Sliding doors work well in both traditional-looking bathrooms (some people prefer a framed look) and modern looking bathrooms (some people prefer a frameless and semi-frameless look).


5. Reduced chance of leaks

If leaks are a concern with your current hinge door then you can say goodbye to your troubles with a sliding door.  Hinged doors can lead to small gaps between the wall and the door and this can let water through; sliding shower doors do not have this problem, if properly installed they provide a good seal against leaks.


6. You have children

Many parents think that shower curtains are best when they have kids, but they can soon find that their children aren’t closing them properly, and water splashes all about the place.  A sliding door is easy for children to operate and provides a good seal which keeps the water in your shower, where it should be!


7. Convenient for grabbing things

We’ve all been there, forgetting something we need in the shower, or we get shampoo in our eyes and we need to grab a towel after washing them.  When you want to grab things quickly a sliding door offers a convenient solution.


8. Can be affordable

There are sliding doors available at a range of price points, so if cost is a concern then you can probably find a door that fits your budget.


Do you have questions about selecting and installing a sliding shower door in Connecticut?  We’re happy to help, give us a call: (203) 874-5754