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Shower Door FAQ


Do you have a showroom I can visit for ideas?

Yes we are located on 940 Boston Post Road, Milford CT.

Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you have as well.

My walls are uneven is that a problem?

It’s not a problem for a shower enclosure as we can design and fit it to accommodate your space, however a shower door must be installed against a vertical wall or glass support to prevent leaking.

Are frameless shower doors safe?

Yes they are just as safe as any other style of shower door.  They are installed with specialist hardware and extra durable compared to standard shower doors.  Since we use tempered glass, if the door was to break, it will break into small pieces instead of large chunks that could cause injury.  This is however extremely unlikely with the correct installation.

Will my framless shower door leak when I have a shower?

We design all of our framless doors for the perfect fit, customized to your shower enclosure and preventing leakages.   The small gap between the glass and the hinge can let through small amounts of water when the door moves, but this is minimal.

Is the glass scratch resistant?

Unfortunately no glass is scratch proof, however tempered glass is much more resistant to scratches.


Do you install the Shower Doors, or do you use subcontractors?

Our trained in-house team complete all shower door installations.

Can I install a frameless shower door myself?

It is strongly recommended that you don’t.  Incorrectly installing a frameless shower door is dangerous and may present a problem with local building codes.  We use specialist equipment and planning to install each frameless door.

Can I get a towel bar installed?

Absolutely, this is something we can do for you.