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Signs That You Need To Replace Your Glass Shower Door

Glass shower door replacement

A glass shower door is a great addition to any bathroom. It enhances its functionality and aesthetic appeal. A good quality shower door may serve you through the years depending on its quality and the way you maintain it. However, over time, glass shower door replacement might be needed if it begin to show signs of wear and tear.

You may start noticing rust on hardware or minor squeaks. Sometimes, the damage can be extensive and the shower door may develop leaks and cracks. If you are facing issues,  it may be time for glass shower door replace replacement. Here are the signs that you should watch out for: 

Discoloration or staining

The glass should be clear and sparkling. The tinted or textured glass should be clean and shiny. However, with time and constant exposure to soap and hard water, the glass may develop some stains. Moreover, it is not uncommon for glass to develop mold and mildew growth due to high moisture levels in the bathroom. All this gives a cloudy and stained appearance to the glass. Regular cleaning can prevent this to a great extent but it is only a matter of time before age starts to show up. 

Cracks or chips

The most obvious sign that the glass shower door replacement is needed is the appearance of chips and cracks. If these chips or cracks are ignored for too long, they can spread and the damage can become so extensive that the entire glass door can shatter. If the chips or cracks are small enough and the condition of the door is good enough, you may be able to have the glass repaired. If not, it is not worth risking unnecessary damage and injury. 

Rusty hardware

As the glass shower door ages, the hardware can become rusty. Even if you have a frameless shower door, it will still have some metal hardware such as those on hinges and handles. Due to constant exposure to moisture, these fitting will eventually rust. As the rust expands, the corrosion can weaken the shower door’s fit and it may even collapse. If there is significant rusting on the metal components, you should consider glass shower door replacement. 

The door doesn’t close properly

Your glass shower door should close all the way. In case it doesn’t close completely, it will create gaps, and water from the shower area will escape from these gaps. Sometimes, the door may start sticking or may become difficult to open and close. All these are signs that the shower door is crying for help.

Noise while opening and shutting

Does your shower door make noise when you open or close it? If it does, it is a sign that the track or frame, or both have worn out. If the problem is ignored, the glass door may crack. So, it is important to have the door replaced before it cracks or collapses, and causes harm to anyone. 

Outdated design

When was your glass shower door installed? If it was installed long ago, it is probably time for a change. Today, glass shower doors come in a wide variety of designs that offer high functionality and have great aesthetic appeal. To keep up with the times, you should consider investing in a new glass shower door even if the current one is functioning fine. 

Glass Shower Door Replacement will be needed if there are noticeable leaks.

The main purpose of the glass door is to keep water within the shower space. The door will no longer be water-tight if it is damaged. Several things could cause water leaks, i.e., cracks around the edges of the glass door, gaskets, caulking, or seals. In case of leaks, glass shower door replacement is a must to avoid further damage to the bathroom floor. There is a risk of someone slipping due to a wet floor.

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