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Why Do Frameless Shower Door Prices Vary So Much?


Got your heart set on the elegance of a frame-less shower door?  Although they might seem very simple – they’re just a panel of glass right?  Prices between shower door companies can vary, sometimes significantly.  Save yourself confusion and find out what can make a difference in price from one glass company to the other.


Different glass thickness

Frame-less glass doors need to be thick to support their own weight without the frame.  There are two industry standard thickness options for frame-less doors: 3/8″ glass and 1/2″ glass.

  • 3/8″ thick glass is popular as it is lighter, more affordable but still durable.
  • 1/2″ thick glass is thicker, heavier and can provide a more premium look – though requires stronger hardware to support it. The weight of the glass limits the height and widths of the doors.

When you receive a quote from a shower door company, be clear on what thickness of glass they are quoting you for, as this will certainly make a difference to the price.


Different glass type and finishes

Glass shower doors can be customized in a variety of shades, styles and types of glass such as: Standard clear glass, rain glass, opaque glass and more.  Frame-less doors can also be protected with coatings that make them more stain resistant and easier to clean.

Be clear on exactly what look you want from your frame-less shower door and exactly what you are being quoted for.


Different hardware customizations

Although frame-less shower doors are much about the elegance of the glass, the minimal hardware that supports it also plays an important role in the overall function and aesthetics.

Finishing touches such as support poles, clamps, rails and handles can be customized in a variety of solid metal or metal plated colors and designs.  Some shower door companies will use more economical cast-iron fixtures and others prefer to use more expensive solid bronze, silver etc..  Consider what you want and be clear on what the company provides.


Different ways to hold it together

A true frame-less look is achieved with 2-inch metal clips that hold the door in place; normally two clips is sufficient.  A less expensive option is to use u-channels (aluminium rails); these rails attach to the whole edge of the glass panel to provide stability.  The downside to u-channels is that they can give off more of a framed look or semi-framless look.  The quote you receive can vary depending on whether it includes metal clips or u-channels to hold it together.


Ready to make a more informed decision about your frame-less shower door or enclosure?  Give Eastern Glass and Shower Door company a call: (203) 874-5754